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Many of us start a keto diet either because we want to lose weight or are sick and want to get healthy.

One of the reasons that a ketogenic diet has a positive impact on so many diseases we experience today is that it reduces the inflammation in our bodies.

Now, we all know inflammation has its place and is a positive process when for instance you burn your hand and the inflammation process kicks in to heal the injury.

However the problem we have is that when chronic inflammation kicks in, mostly because of lifestyle, long term damage can be done to many organs.

Now you can either assume that inflammation is one of the drivers of the extra body fat and unease in your body or you can perform tests to measure the level of inflammation.

In this article we have a look at the benefits of measuring inflammation levels and then we take a closer look at the Verisana Lab Keto testing kit.

Now you don’t need these tests to tell if you are suffering from chronic inflammation. Inflammation is considered to be a major contributor to many diseases.

So, if you suffer from joint pain, are overweight, are pre-diabetic or diabetic or have inflammatory bowel disease just to name a few, your body is most probably inflamed.

If you just want to start out a ketogenic diet, then start here with our checklists.


If like me, you are a big fan of numbers and data when you need certainty and want a way to measure results. Then you’ll want to read on…

Now before you start any diet or make major lifestyle changes, you should discuss it with your personal physician.

The objective here is to give you an understanding of what to expect should you order the Verisana Lab Keto Inflammation Test.

This is a promotional article by Verisana Lab.

Please bear in mind that if you order a lab test from any link on this page, Essential Keto may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you.

2 – C-reactive protein (CRP)

This protein is released into the blood by the liver in response to any kind of inflammation.

Its level rises and falls rapidly as inflammation gets worse or are brought under control. It is therefore a useful marker to monitor disease activity.

When CRP remains high, it is an indication of chronic systemic inflammation and this would warrant further investigations and a complete clinical evaluation.

You may be asking yourself, why not just get this done at any lab, well here are some of the reasons you’d want to consider working with Verisana…

Another marker that is a good way to measure results when following a keto diet is Hemoglobin A1c (HbA1c). It indicates the average glucose levels in your blood over the last three months.

You’ll want to measure this marker when you start a keto diet and then again 3 months later. You can read more about it here at The Diet Doctor.

I spoke to the folks at Verisana Laboratory and they said that they can measure this marker. Just ask them.

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